Helena Collection: Three decades of expertise in the wig industry.

Helena Collection Three decades of expertise in the wig industry
W & Y Chung Traders, Inc. is proud to introduce "Helena Collection." Helena Collection represents a culmination of three decades of expertise in the wig industry. The highest quality, workmanship, and innovative advances are integrated into each hair piece, from the careful selection of luxurious fibers to its final superb craftsmanship.

Helena Collection is committed to providing both men and women a collection with style, comfort, and affordability. With a comprehensive assortment of modern styles and color alternatives, in synthetics and 100% human hair we have created hair into an art form, redefining wig fashion today. As leaders of the wig industry, this signature collection represents experience, worldwide recognition, and most importantly, our commitment to serve our clients with a perfect and natural fit.

updated: 13 years ago